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Informs me

Strikethrough is
two ~'s at the beginning and end of what you want to be crossed out,like this

two ' (apostrophe) is italics

three ' (apostrophe) is bold

two _ (underscore) is underline

two * (asterisk) is spoiler.

Two = is
red text
but the thin you want red tex'd has to be on its own line, otherwise it won't work.

Reminiscint of Wikipedia.

Making cloth dolls
Thanks for the recommendation /monster/ and for helping me finally realize that Ammit is a girl.


If i.had.the space and privacy and wealth surplus where getting materials would not seem a chore it would be a.neat thing to try some day. Perhaps if i learn basic sewing from some book taking a class could be some form of socializing. Keep thinking i would get bored though. Books/tv/comp remain most efficient seeming.

Feeling like a shitty fan

Not even knowing who the girl drinking the blood out of the arm is.

Also GTFO Mystique you Marvel bitch.

Bella by gawd

When I was five
Every couple years or so I seem to remember then quickly forget this event. This latest time I just realized a new side to it though...

In all technicality... Did I create pornography of myself and give it to my teacher, thus making them in possession of child porn? Also the picture I drew I did as a school project she assigned so she might havd also been worried of being accused of commissioning it.

For decades I had always attributed the anger directed at me, the trouble I got in, as angry old ladies who hated naughty bits. Perhaps religious or man-hating. Viewing it in this new light gives me more sympathy though. They maynhve feared for themselves or my safety from legal repercussions. Hard to say. Not much of an internet in 1991 and they did not seem savvy enough for UseNet. Not sure if laws had gotten as farnas drawings by then ir if they would know of it via newspaper or board meetings.

Must have logged this before but the essence is in art class we were to draw a mosquito and then behind it the skin of a part of our body it had landed on. I figure the implication being it was sucking or about to sucm blood but I do not recall it being explicitly specified. I think it was titled "there's a mosquito on my..." And then we would fill it in. Most did arm/knee. I only remember myself getting in trouble.

I do not recall what word I used. Might have been "dink" as I do not think it was penis. Regardless I put a lot of time and peach crayon ( ornwas that pencil crayon?) Into reproducing mine. I really wish I knew what happened to the drawing. Nudity is allowed on deviant art but when the subject matter is a closeup of an animal sucking on a five year old boy's penis, even if he drew it himself as a naughty prank on the teacher in kindegarten, people still might protest about it.

I guessnI could try to remake it. Would not fill me with awe as locating my original work would though. Who knows how the subject matter changed in 25 years.

Killed a mosquito buzzing around while I was taking a piss just now. Obvious trigger. Crossley and Seagull are likely retired and even if Walter Scott kept kinder art projects 2.5 decades I suspect they shredded this after getting me in trouble over it.

Cannot remember if it was my mom or gramma who ended up speaking to them. Maybe gram. Nor which teacher assigned it... C and S seemed like a team.
ust You
There is just no decent way to ask old ladies if they remember events like this. Which sucks because thy might remember it better.

Oh mosquitopenis why must you haunt my dreams...

Thirty three ago
sanjyuu sai made doutei wo uranuku to mahoutsukai ni nareru
If you pass the age of thirty as a virgin, you become a wizard.

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I read for the humor.

DesuStorage is cool
I wonder who submitted this https://desustorage.org/tg/thread/46164372

Rape rules

I bet rape would be much less offensive in games if there were more extensiev combat rules about it, I think a lot of the butthurt comes from GMs taking sides.


Who would think that I would find Gizmodo something to thank for directing me to hobbit-pr0n


I think this is the Gawker shit I'm supposed to be boycotting...

But now, the more money they make, the more bux for Hulk Hogan.


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