MLP songs

just watched moon rises, then in comments of lullaby4aprincess some guy posted a rec list:

1. Lullaby For A Princess 2. Luna's Soliloquy 3. Angel Of Darkness 4. Luna's Reply 5. Children Of The Night 6. Immortal Princess 7. The Moon Rises 8. Different View Of Reality 9. The Conformation On Luna And Night 10. The Magic Inside 11. Aria 12. A New Pair Of Wings

guess I should seek out the other ten later. Can't believe I hadn't heard any of these and it's been out 3 years (song) or 1 (animation). At least I kept up wit hthe episodes, cept for the final season, I'll be late there. I wonder if they'll keep doing EG or another film, or the comics... I really hope they tie up the Zatanna/Twily morality problem with Dr.Light/NMM