dreams of Herculeses

got at most a sum of eight hours but probably much less due to constant waking up at every little creak, a common thing over the past year which has probably bothered me more than heat

need to get that fitbit app programmed to monitor my sleep cycles however that works...

one of my dreams involved finding some kind of starcraft server where you could play a hero and level them up, basically like a MOBA akin to Aeon of Strife / DOTA / LOL / DOTA2 / HOTS except instead of being a hero commanding an army on a flat map you were a solo hero against an army on a platformer and you leveled up much faster with much cooler buffs and SFX that went beyond the original sprite coding

then for some reason I was listening to Kevin Sorbo dishing out a secret he found out about "Hercules". At the time I was dreaming it didn't occur to me that Kevin Sorbo WAS the guy played Hercules so it made me puzzled as to who he could've meant. All I can figure is it could be Lou Ferrigno since he played him in 83/85 films. I guess it could've also been Steve Reeves?

It really sounded like it was a guy he co-starred with though, so I think my dreamind was confused.

Basically Sorbo was saying how when he met "Hercules" the guy bragged about how he had such a little education, never graduated high school, and everyone assumed he was a dumb jock and telling the truth.

Sorbo however was suspicious and when he won some contest which gave him free services of a private detective (or something along those lines... wtf is that even a real thing?) he sicced it on him (Ferrigo I guess?) to find out if he was telling the truth.

Apparently he was a secret genius with high education (perhaps PHD? don't recall specifics, just that he did well, presumably post-HS degree) and when Sorbo confronted him about the lie he broke into tears, begging him not to tell anybody. He said he did it so he wouldn't intimidate people mentally (as well as physically) and not make them feel bad.

Though Sorbo's interview did not mention this, it also occurs to me after waking up that it might have something to do with not making a career out of the education, or maybe he had a secret career other than lifting/acting which he didn't want anyone to know about? Pro wrestlers certainly don't seem to emphasize it.

This is all imaginary subconscious bullshit of course, but when I woke up I figured I ought to type it out before I rapidly forget it as I'm wont to do with dreams. Now time to go watch the season finales of FTWD and Gangs of London, plus some Batgirl and GREFC


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