Microsoft Edge fail

I am totally removing this from my toolbar so I'm not tempted to use it instead of Firefox.

For some reason even though I can watch my PVR stuff (<60 days) via the browser any screenshots I take shows up black, same with screen-recording short clips.

Firefox isn't exhibiting that problem.

Unfortunately I had brought up something which expired 3 hours ago on it, so I can't re-open it on firefox anymore.

At least I got the chance to watch s4e8 (aka s2e20) of Harvey Girls... it slipped my mind to watch 4e7/2e19 on Saturday...

Need to take initiative with this weekend's batch and try to finish them before friday. On weekends I get in a nasty mood and play hearthstone all night adn forget to take  5min t ojust tally up my screenshots.

So much for "if I do it on demand I'll bem otivated to do it quickly".

I just know that where I can go ondemand I don't need to worry about deletions, and it allows for keeping more accurate timestamps...

oh well, at least I learned something from this. Not the first thing I've forgotten to screencap.

Got pissed that Batwoman/Pennyworth were deleted/cancelled and revenge-deleted dozens of stuff so I expect I'll get hit back. I'm mostly concerned about Cleo since TWD is on AMC on Demand, as are BW/PW on ShowCase.


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