god damn Mary Sue / Sioux is so powerful her magic reaches across realities to crash my media player

So I just finished the 12-episode Youjo Senki (Tanya the Evil) series and got to watching the movie...

Working just fine until exactly 1h9m38s...

Suddenly the thing crashes. Coincidence? Maybe... so I replay it, trying to find my spot. This is how I learned the number, because I knew I was roughly an hour into it, and went forward bit by bit until I found the consistent crash spot...

Anyone with a copy of the film will know how weird it would be to have it crash at that EXACT moment, given what happened at that moment. Gives me shudders... 

All I could think when this happened was DAMN YOU BEING X.

So turns out my file is 2.0 GB and it's supposed to be 2867M according to Ginpachi... so I'm assuming it's probably incomplete and will use HexChat to try and resume and see how partial it was..

yup... was only at 71%... I guess it was one of those ones which got interrupted but I must not have taken notice of it. OH WELL.

Still creeped out... what are the odds that my download fucks up at that EXACT point, of all the points for it to happen at?

Somehow that America-loli doesn't want me to watch her battle with the Germany-loli. Somehow the steampunk inventions of the Trumps are involved in this.


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