the revelation

~I can't download any more anime until I buy a big enough external to consolidate my smaller externals to have an easy-to-check alphabetical list to make sure I don't download the same thing~

*several years pass of downloading nothing, waiting for prices to drop on externals, always being impressed by the new tier of 6t, 8t then 10t finally for 250*

~This show came out in 2018... I know I definitely don't have it prepped... so I can download it worry-free that I am not duplicating previous bandwidth usage~

Realizing this applies much further back... bleh. Of course, one is full and I kind of like to not use my C because of wiping it to test OSs...

Becoming more open to the idea of simply deleting some stuff. Maybe would not feel a need to horde stuff I probably won't re-watch for decades if I made more use of MAL to log it. Particularly since now I know that it can list start/end dates so I can just check my created/last accessed for the most part to get a general idea.

Am enjoying Shuffle after finishing Mamoru and want to do more of this like I used to. Forgot after years of western substitution how much better this was. Although the heat of summer makes it hard and am appreciating value of things like coolness either via AC or the cost of basement rooming.


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