Vinland Saga

so last week was returning some stuff and at the last minute wanted to grab something interesting, so I picked up the first 4 volumes of Vinland Saga. That's all they had, would've gotten more, vikings are cool and manga is cool.

So I'm on vol 3 now and I think "man, this would make a good anime" so I go look it up and apparently one is going to debut 2 days 2 weeks from now.

This thing has apparently amassed 21 volumes since 2005 so it'll probably be one of decent length! I'll probably get to watch the anime before I read the manga since I sometimes put off reading manga on the computer as I figure it would be better to do so on paper whereas anime must always be light shining on me, even if a projector would be a better idea for a computer experience.

That said, with the shitty state of my comp locking up playing petty files under 200MB, manga might be the only thing I can enjoy on it, and I don't know how long it will be until I can get something new. I'm still determined to ride this thing out as long as possible to let prices drop and extend the life of whatever new thing I get far into the future.

That and until I can get a colder lower-level room to preserve my electronics, I don't really want to endanger some new tech. Makes more sense to use up my computer and PS2s (all 4 of them) and then Wii


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