August 3rd, 2021


man this takes me back

Cho will always be a big crush for me. Can't remember when I began reading that but it was pretty early when there was only a few chapters.

Can't remember how far I got into it. I fell behind in all the webcomics I used to follow and lost my spot.

I guess the plus is one of these days I can go back and re-marathon them all.

I'm not even sure where I have my reading list. I might need to rely on randomly trying to remember titles or the plots to stuff whose names I forget.

Just as a random stab at maybe <10% I could try it now...


Flem Comics


Drowtales (orig not remake)


Shayla the Pink Mouse

Kit and Kay Boodle

that thing with the whiteskinned vampire guy with the giant ears

Stubble (orig version not remake)

that thing with the murderous bunny... Jesus I know it's really popular too... fuck Sluggy Freelance that's it

that thing with inventor Jordan ... and there was a moogle guy in it and Bimbo... fuuuck

there really was a lot more I'm sure there's a database somewhere

just sad a lot of this stuff is probavbly down nad only in archives.

I just feel this confused void trying to remember what I used to read, but that's like 2-3 busted computers ago and I'm too overconfident / low-IQ to archive bookmarks like I ought to.

They need some kind of MyAnimeList for webcomics. Probably is one.