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mini cucumbers

delicious and a refreshing alternative to apples in these temps

>Draft saved 27 июля 2019

why the fuck is my month not displaying in English?

Also why does return key make doublespace line return instead of 1 like in PM... maybe I must click 'switch to old version' but that should be the default.

I wish I had bought 5 maces in the town before it sank so I can get to that guy, for some reason it won't let me fly out of the hole, I'm pretty sure I could buy them in that engineering town that gave me the airship.

Fucking slow oft-stallined Lubuntu isn't always as super-magic reliable as it sometimes seems. Even more efficient software needs good hardware to rest upon I think.

Sometimes I think it isn't even the vid quality. When I can't play 1080 I usually can't play 720 or even 480 either, or even load a basic webpage. Just something slowing EVERYTHING down, no matter how I reduce demand. Inexplicable.

Flowers not doing so well outdoors even with bidaily waterings.

The Baby Formula

Finally watched this 2008 film for the first time today, gotta love those free month-long demos of various channels (in this case Hollywood Suite) they put out to entice people to buy them once the demo ends (fat chance).

I couldn't help but notice about 3/4 through that the whiny tones of Lilith seemed VERY familiar... it took me a moment of pondering before realizing I was guessing Jen from 6Teen. My suspicions deepened when references were made to Toronto in the film and it said it was filmed there at the end, since I know 6Teen was a locally produced toon...

Lo and behold, Megan Fahlenbock did indeed voice Jen Masterson! I feel like I didn't just use tweezers to unclog my CPU fan yesterday, but also unclogged my brain. This despite waking after only 4 hours sleep due to feline nightmares and being distracted by some weird left thumb pain. I was whipping log-on-a-rope at widowmakers with my RIGHT arm and while I did feel that in my rotor cuff a little, that's gone while this mysterious thumb stuff... what would even cause?

the revelation

~I can't download any more anime until I buy a big enough external to consolidate my smaller externals to have an easy-to-check alphabetical list to make sure I don't download the same thing~

*several years pass of downloading nothing, waiting for prices to drop on externals, always being impressed by the new tier of 6t, 8t then 10t finally for 250*

~This show came out in 2018... I know I definitely don't have it prepped... so I can download it worry-free that I am not duplicating previous bandwidth usage~

Realizing this applies much further back... bleh. Of course, one is full and I kind of like to not use my C because of wiping it to test OSs...

Becoming more open to the idea of simply deleting some stuff. Maybe would not feel a need to horde stuff I probably won't re-watch for decades if I made more use of MAL to log it. Particularly since now I know that it can list start/end dates so I can just check my created/last accessed for the most part to get a general idea.

Am enjoying Shuffle after finishing Mamoru and want to do more of this like I used to. Forgot after years of western substitution how much better this was. Although the heat of summer makes it hard and am appreciating value of things like coolness either via AC or the cost of basement rooming.

Vinland Saga

so last week was returning some stuff and at the last minute wanted to grab something interesting, so I picked up the first 4 volumes of Vinland Saga. That's all they had, would've gotten more, vikings are cool and manga is cool.

So I'm on vol 3 now and I think "man, this would make a good anime" so I go look it up and apparently one is going to debut 2 days 2 weeks from now.

This thing has apparently amassed 21 volumes since 2005 so it'll probably be one of decent length! I'll probably get to watch the anime before I read the manga since I sometimes put off reading manga on the computer as I figure it would be better to do so on paper whereas anime must always be light shining on me, even if a projector would be a better idea for a computer experience.

That said, with the shitty state of my comp locking up playing petty files under 200MB, manga might be the only thing I can enjoy on it, and I don't know how long it will be until I can get something new. I'm still determined to ride this thing out as long as possible to let prices drop and extend the life of whatever new thing I get far into the future.

That and until I can get a colder lower-level room to preserve my electronics, I don't really want to endanger some new tech. Makes more sense to use up my computer and PS2s (all 4 of them) and then Wii

Ebba Akerlund
It's strange, when I heard about Tarrant mentioning her in the manifesto, it didn't take long to think of the "do it for her" meme from Simpsons which I'd seen appropriated for waifus before on the chans...

I made the suggestion to do it, and saw it posted on /pol/ but it turns out someone had already done this in May 2018: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/69cuiq/her_name_was_ebba_akerlund

This makes me wonder if Tarrant might've actually seen that image. If so, was it before or during his prep? His "farewell tour" around the globe seems to have gone on for years and I'm not sure when that collage was first created.

I had heard of Qanon and similar but hadn't looked much into it. Only discovered the subreddit today.... https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/6172156.html is impressive... they've really counted all the way up to 7893 threads?

Poland 1939
re https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/articles/wrsynopsis.html

I would like to read a translation of Heinz Splittgerber's book and find the issues of Ilustrowany Kurjer he cites to see how they run through google translate.

Google Maps killed Heather Heyer
proof at https://russia-insider.com/en/todays-testimony-military-rifle-toting-antifa-enforcer-dwayne-dixon-should-gravely-damage/ri25611

are bots writing fake news now

http://archive.is/13rqt references a "Christchurch bombing" rather than shooting, which stood out to me as the largest oddity and the whole tone of it seemed artificial and automated somehow... not even sure how this popped up in search results

MLP songs

just watched moon rises, then in comments of lullaby4aprincess some guy posted a rec list:

1. Lullaby For A Princess 2. Luna's Soliloquy 3. Angel Of Darkness 4. Luna's Reply 5. Children Of The Night 6. Immortal Princess 7. The Moon Rises 8. Different View Of Reality 9. The Conformation On Luna And Night 10. The Magic Inside 11. Aria 12. A New Pair Of Wings

guess I should seek out the other ten later. Can't believe I hadn't heard any of these and it's been out 3 years (song) or 1 (animation). At least I kept up wit hthe episodes, cept for the final season, I'll be late there. I wonder if they'll keep doing EG or another film, or the comics... I really hope they tie up the Zatanna/Twily morality problem with Dr.Light/NMM