>You young people can lend your bodies now, play with them, give them as we could not.
>But remember that you have paid a price: that of a world rich in mystery and delicate emotion.
>It is not only species of animal that die out, but whole species of feeling.
>And if you are wise you will never pity the past for what it did not know, but pity yourself for what it did.

This after finishing Purifying Fire. I like both.

Why s LJ all in French now,..? Do not think my IP is in Quebec.
I was attracted to just girls as best I can recall from childhood to being a teenager. I still mostly am but since my 20s my attraction has expanded to include cross dressing/transvestite "traps" like Bridget from vide game Guilty Gear, or transgender-identifying characters like Zoe from webcomic Venus Envy or Isabella Yamamoto from TV series Paradise Kiss. Or even Pico from film Boku no Chiisana Natsu Monogatari who doesn't dress like a girl. Or even strong adult men like Jack Harkness in Torchwood or Dorian Gray in Penny Dreadful.

I don't think I was born liking any of this. I think we are born pretty flexible (bisexual with inclinations) and the exclusively-heterosexual thoughts I has as a teenager were as much shaped by environment as my mostly-heterosexual thoughts now are.

(no subject)
Just discovered

Prob read word before on wiktionary but not enough to memorize.

My reward for reading a Star Vs. Thread on /co/

I miss Disney XD free monthly preview. Fingers crossed for August.

what an interesting mess

dat FATAL review

Some day I really want to play this game...

Munchkin as I am though I can't bear the idea of designing so I'd use the random char gen.

Emily Hampshire
Develope separat crushes on her via 12 monkeys and schitt's creek. Realize in s2 of monkeys same actress. Guest as Korzha prompts to check wiki. Voiced Misery in Ruby Gloom. Now she is among the goddesses. Like realizing Atomic Betty is Jane.

This fascination with voices of late is suspiciously close to liking 3DPD, must resist elevating them above the actual chars.

Still, if the memorables invited I would be tempted enough to relinquish wizardry for such a connection.

Utensil rapping


/pol/ has some of thr best entertainment

My impression is he is playing it up for laughs though. Probably edited in the music himself. Chatting up AIs down weird avenues is always fun.

I have
The weirdest boner right now

Found actually while searching to find the novel i read from my high school library about a woman biologist who got fucked by a chimp while her husband punched him trying to make him stop and she told him to stop punching the chimp and let him finish.

That and lord foul's bane with a rapist hero. Best library ever.

Wish i could remember book name. Something like Descent of Man? Dunno.

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Informs me

Strikethrough is
two ~'s at the beginning and end of what you want to be crossed out,like this

two ' (apostrophe) is italics

three ' (apostrophe) is bold

two _ (underscore) is underline

two * (asterisk) is spoiler.

Two = is
red text
but the thin you want red tex'd has to be on its own line, otherwise it won't work.

Reminiscint of Wikipedia.


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