I prefer Bowie and Madonna for Maltazar and the princess. WTF replacing with comedian's buddy and gomez, so gay.

MRA preggers maths

I wish I could assess the accuracy of this but it's not my field.

Scientific American

Watching Road to Avonlea on PVR, listening to Peg Bowen lecture "Old Lady" Margaret Lloyd, feel like I recognize accents... it's not possibly Molly from the Last Unicorn is it... something about the way her voice quivers... *looks up actresses*

1982 VA for Molly... Tammy Grimes voices Molly Gru
1990 Actress for Peg Bowen... Susan Cox

Guess I'm wrong. Cox doesn't have an article so I can't look up her ethnicity...

Oh f

We're all going to die

This guy is a hero!

also Snowden

Damn anime guys smarter than me.

As if that's some big accomlpishment.

Realizing how dumb and unskilled I am more and more.

Study up fgt.

Silicone Cups!

I want them on my back, not in my chest.

Ladies, take heed!

I wish Bonnie was mai meerkat waifu.

Also Maya Smith was pretty cute, if somewhat one-dimensional.

De movies
Watched Tale of Desperaux, not even sure why movie is named after him, felt like rat was a more focused-on char.

Started Animals United. Seems like first 1/2 hour of film is designed to make humans feel like shit. Loving Bonnie the Meercat... dat sway.

Some annoying things about it though... like why is Bob the Meercat singing 'King of the Road'? Lyrics aren't even applicable to Africa... cigarettes? Feel like they're just trying to force in catchy shit, like how they forced in those 2 cutesy characters in The Dolphin (speaking of which, talk about something pretty much designed to market a boss fight... if that isn't a video game, someone lost out on some money, Daniel Alexander Dolphin's kind of a badass)

I'll give it to the scholarly lion but why does the dumb Meercat know what a polar bear is? It's like I have to intentionally not be pissed off by this stuff to enjoy the movie... I better get more Bonnie sway to make up for this. Wonder if she has 34...

I'm pretty high on dat caffeine right now. Started madly dancing to some forgettable pop music that played after Desperaux, panted some, I should do more stuff that makes me pant for that cardio... speaking of which I bought another pair of 25lb plates and have actually started deadlifting some decent weight, like weight I couldn't row... feels pretty sweet. Trying to remember... I think I worked up to 270 or something. Even if I threw on my 35s I'm using as narrow handles I can't get very high though... even if I had enough weight to be double mine it'd requier small ones that take up too much space on the bar, so I should lose some if I want to lift double.

Gotta ditch the sweat-mop, do some chins, traction dat spine.

Well shit
It finally happened, that old e-mail I've had forever, I finally forgot the password for it. Or someone hacked it and changed it... Either way, I can't get in, so if stuff starts happening from the one, I hold no accountability for it, yet another imposter.

It used to be when this happened the account-linking could save my ass, but that was disabled. Guess I'll try the @live one.

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